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The ranks of the primary market share of Primary Dealers in the second half-year of 2014
Please find below the ranks of the primary market share of Primary Dealers on the Government Bonds and T-Bills in the second half-year of 2014

The Primary Dealer system - conditions of application
The rights and obligations of Primary Dealers and the conditions of application for the admission to the Primary Dealer system of Hungarian government securities.

List of the Primary Dealers 
Primary Dealers are the key partners of the Government Debt Management Agency (AKK) in the sales of HUF denominated government securities. Investors can buy government securities typically exclusively via Primary Dealers. Primary Dealers quote continuously two-way prices for tradeable government securities. Currently there are 14 banks and 1 brokerage house among the Primary Dealers.

Auctions in general - Government Bond and Discount Treasury Bill
Major part of Hungarian government securities are issued through auctions. Investors can make bids for the auctions via Primary Dealers. See bellow a short introduction to the Hungarian practice of auction issuance.

Secondary market in general
Introduction to the secondary market of Hungarian government securities, particulary secondary market activities of Primary Dealers

Market makers in government securities
Primary Dealers are obliged to quote two-way prices for goverment bonds and discount treasury bills with maturities longer than 90 days. Each Primary Dealer is obliged to quote prices for benchmark (on-the-run) bonds. Market makers of less liquid series are listed below.

Retail securities

Prospectuses, Terms and conditions
Prospectuses, Terms and other conditions of Hungarian government securities which are being issued.

Legal framework
The most important Hungarian laws and other regulations concerning investments in government securities. 
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